COE Canvas Transition

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UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as its new learning management system (LMS), and CEETE is ready to help with the transition.

Why Canvas?

  • Canvas provides a streamlined interface that makes navigating course material simpler, allowing students and teachers more time to focus on learning.
  • One LMS means a consistent learning environment for students, something students have requested.

 Why now?

  • Moodle and D2L services will be discontinued after the Spring 2018 semester.
  • Each school or college has support to move to Canvas. The School of Engineering is scheduled to transition its D2L and Moodle courses to Canvas during the Fall 2017 semester. (See transition schedule.) However, in order to receive the most customized support, we encourage you to begin moving your courses as early as possible, even as you continue to teach in Moodle or D2L.
  • The College of Engineering’s Canvas migration goal is that every instructor teaches their course at least once in Canvas before Moodle and D2L services are turned off.

 How can we help?

  • We’ll transfer your Moodle or D2L files to the Canvas shell or sandbox for your course.
  • We’ll address common errors created by links to videos, large files, and complicated modules.
  • We’ll add some basic templates to your course.
  • We’ll meet with you individually to identify ways to use the tools in Canvas to enhance students’ experience and overall learning in your course.
  • We’ll work on other things as needed to help get your course running.

What are your responsibilities as an instructor?

  • Let us know which courses you need to migrate. Please also tell us which courses you don’t need to migrate or have already migrated.
  • Meet with us to look over your course(s) and learn about efficient use of Canvas.
  • Review your course(s) thoroughly, making changes and updating information.
  • Take some time to learn how Canvas works, what features are available, and how those features correspond to your course design.
  • The total time required to transition a course from Moodle or D2L is different for each instructor. To allow adequate time for you to organize files, experiment with new tools, and identify opportunities for course enhancements, we recommend transitioning your courses as soon as possible.

What will happen with your course? See the process below.

Migration Process