Getting Started

As the University is being tasked with moving courses into alternative formats there are an evolving set of resources available to help.  This move is being referred to as “teaching at a distance” because many of the recommendations prioritize speed and simplicity over exceptional pedagogy, while still creating an environment conducive to learning.

UW-Madison Resources

A good place to start is the campus Instructional Continuity site.  This site is a wealth of information on how to move your course into an alternative format.  We encourage you to read it closely. Embedded within it are many recommendations for how to achieve tasks online with supporting “how to” documentation.

Quizzing and Assessments

If you are moving quizzes and assessments online we recommend Canvas quizzing, and do not recommend that you move to Atomic Assessments.  If you are already using Atomic Assessments please continue to do so.

Remote Proctoring

Campus has partnered with a tool called Examinity for remote proctoring.  They Are hoping that the tool will be ready for use Mid April.  There are resources in process to help Faculty and Instructors think through different options for assessment, and pros and cons of each.  Remote proctoring software has many challenges, and we encourage weighing it carefully with other methods of assessment.  More information to come.

Moving Wet Labs online

List of resources that may be helpful is here

Accessing Campus and CAE tools

Campus supported tools can be accessed through any browser.  However if you wish to access files stored in CAE filespace you may need to use VPN if off campus. More information can be found here:

If you need assistance we recommend you contact your Department Chair, and they can make sure that you get support.