Supporting Students in the Peer Review Process

If you have students review and comment on each other’s work, you may want to use the Canvas peer review feature. This post briefly explains the process and includes links to resources that can help students complete their peer reviews and access their peers’ (and your) feedback.

What is Canvas peer review?

In short, adding peer reviews to a Canvas assignment means that students can be automatically or manually assigned to review one or more classmates’ papers (or videos, or whatever they’ve uploaded to Canvas), using a rubric you provide (or not), annotations (if you or they want), and comments.

Canvas guides for instructors

Resources to share with students

KB doc with video explaining how to give and find feedback (also includes links to Canvas Student Guides)

Other instructor resources

FAQs about Peer Review

  • Does Canvas automatically average peer reviews or combine them into a grade?
    • No, not at this time. We’re working on solutions that may improve this.
  • Can peer reviews be combined with group assignments?
    • Yes, they can.
  • How can I make peer review more effective?
    • Check out some of the instructor resources above.
    • Explain the purpose to students. Link your directions to the KB doc for students (above).
    • Provide prompts or rubrics to guide students’ reviews.
    • For assistance in creating a peer review assignment in the College of Engineering, feel free to contact us at CEETE!