TA Training

Spring 2023 TA Training

TAs will be required to attend TA Training whether they are new TAs or experienced, returning TAs. Both trainings are remotely offered and facilitated through Canvas. If you are a returning TA or new TA, please register through the appropriate link below. Both trainings will be facilitated remotely with synchronous sessions the week of January 16th.

New Educator Orientation

The New Educator Orientation (NEO) program is designed to help instructors and TAs utilize effective teaching strategies and technologies in their classes. NEO is an opportunity for teaching assistants and instructors to learn from each other and share perspectives with both new and experienced engineering educators. NEO workshops are intended to expose educators to new learning theories and approaches, as well as provide practical suggestions on how to improve teaching and learning. The program also provides TAs with information, resources, and training required as part of their employment.

NEO will be presented Online from January 9 through January 20, offering all Graduate Assistants the safety and flexibility to complete NEO mandatory training wherever they are. This training will be facilitated in Canvas. To maintain the high level of interactivity and group discussion usually present in NEO, there will be mandatory synchronous sessions facilitated in Zoom through Canvas on Wednesday, January 18 and Thursday, January 19. There is approximately 10 hours of asynchronous work participants must complete before attending the synchronous sessions. By registering for NEO at the link below, you will be enrolled in the Canvas course and receive more information about the course, dates, and expectations as the training approaches.

NEO Participants will also need to register for the Graduate Assistant Equity Workshop to complete their reappointment requirement. Click here for more information.

Register for NEO Training

Please click “Join Course” once you enter the Canvas page to fully participate.

Monday 1/9 – Tuesday 1/17 – Independent work on asynchronous modules (approximately 10 hours)

Wednesday 1/18 – 9:30am-10:30am First Days Workshop (synchronous)

Wednesday 1/18 – 11am-12pm Teaching and Engaging Students (synchronous)

Thursday 1/19 – 11am-12pm Inclusive Classrooms (synchronous)

Thursday 1/19 – 1:30pm-3:00pm Presentation Skills (prepare and give a short presentation, synchronous)

Thursday 1/19 – 3:15-4:15pm Wrap Up and Q&A (synchronous)

Returning TA Training

Any TAs who have taught before in the College of Engineering and will teach again in Spring 2023 are required to take Returning TA Training. This training will open January 9 through January 20. It will include submitting a brief reflection on your teaching, a quiz to refresh your knowledge of NEO materials, a synchronous session, and video activities to build upon your skills as an instructor. This synchronous session will be held over Zoom on Tuesday, January 17, at 12:30-2pm CST. The session is mandatory. Registering for the course through the link below will give you access to the Canvas course as the date gets closer.

Register for Returning TA Training

Please click “Join Course” once you enter the Canvas page to fully participate.

Task Time
Submit a brief teaching reflection Due: 11:59pm Mon. Jan 16th
Attend the Teaching Debrief Workshop 12:30-2pm Tues. Jan 17th
Complete teaching practices video reflection Due: 11:59pm Fri. Jan 20th
Complete the Policies, Practices, and Resources Review Quiz Due: 11:59pm Fri. Jan 20th

NEO Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is NEO for Spring 2023?

The online training will be held from January 9 until January 20 at 11:59pm. The Canvas course and materials will be available to participants for the entire semester.

Should I register for NEO or the Returning TA Training?

The NEO program is intended for first time TAs and includes elements required for your appointment. If you have already taken NEO training, or the Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop, please register for the Returning TA Training. This will help you to avoid covering content you have already completed before. If you are not sure, you can reach out to CEETE ceete@engr.wisc.edu.

Where is NEO held?

All events for the NEO program take place online, facilitated in the official Canvas course.

Who should attend NEO?

New TAs in the College of Engineering and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences should attend NEO. If you were a TA previously, but not in the College of Engineering or College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, you may need to take NEO. We present content specific to these Colleges. Please ask your TA Coordinator or Administrator with questions about your requirements.

Am I required to attend NEO?

All new TAs in the College of Engineering and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are required to attend NEO. Because each university is different, even those who have attended TA or teacher training at another university must attend.

When is NEO offered?

NEO is offered at the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters, usually the Wednesday and Thursday the week before classes start. All activities will be offered remotely. There will still be required synchronous sessions the week of January 16th. More information coming soon.

I can't make it to some or all of the NEO or Returning TA Training Program. What can I do to make up the requirement?

Due to the interactive nature of the webinar sessions, there is no complete way to make up missing those events, though some recordings may be available to watch after the event. Ultimately, your TA Coordinator or TA Administrator will be enforcing your training requirements. Contact them to determine if your absence will be excused.

I’d like to present or coordinate a NEO workshop. Whom do I contact?

Faculty, lecturers, and TAs can serve as workshop coordinators or volunteer as a guest speaker to share experiences and techniques. If interested in participating as a NEO speaker or coordinator, please contact CEETE, ceete@engr.wisc.edu.