Haley Briel

Position title: Instructional Design Consultant

Haley Briel is an Instructional Design Consultant with CEETE in the College of Engineering. She discovered the joy of active learning upon graduation from Vanderbilt University in 2008 when she was hired as an outreach…

Lisa Burley

Lisa Burley (she/her) is an Instructional Technologist with the Collaboratory for Engineering Education and Teaching Excellence (CEETE). She is passionate about enhancing student learning through assisting instructors in selecting, using, and troubleshooting learning technologies to…

Erica J Hagen

Position title: Director of CEETE, Associate Director for Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Erica J. Hagen is passionate advocate for active learning in her role as an Instructional Technology Consultant in the College of Engineering. She nurtured twin loves in Engineering Education and Geological Engineering as a student…

CEETE Student Consultants

Danny Clepper

Daniel Clepper is a second-year student from Naperville, Illinois, joining CEETE as a consultant as of November 2020. He is studying Industrial Engineering and pursuing a Leadership Certificate through the Emerging Leaders in Engineering program at the university. Daniel is interested in process optimization and developing socio-technical systems based on cognitive behaviors. In his free time, he enjoys playing an assortment of musical instruments, hitting the tennis court with friends, and making others laugh.

Zachary Gunderson

Zachary Gunderson is an aspiring Computer Engineer who previously work at Credo Product Development as an Electrical Engineer Intern. Zach is currently developing his customer service skills on the CEETE team! Where he wishes to empower those, who come to CEETE, and give them the answers they need to help make UW-Madison function at its peak level.Zach is from the Madison area and is proud to be attending the prestigious school of UW-Madison.

Safa Hafiz

Hi, I’m Safa! I’m a computer science student at UW-Madison. I love hiking, dancing, and poetry!

Makayla Holder

Makayla Holder is originally from New York City. She is a first-year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering and began working for CEETE in September of 2019. She hopes to work in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA in the future. Outside of school Makayla enjoys critiquing movies and trying new food.

Margo Nicholds

Margo Nicholds is a new Student Consultant as of June 2021, and attending Madison as an Environmental Engineering undergraduate from Wauwatosa. She loves learning and mentoring others, as well as establishing connections in consulting and customer service in her home job at a chocolate maker. In her spare time, she is passionate about playing trumpet and creating music, as well as dogwalking and cycling.