Canvas Gradebook Update – November 2017

Canvas instructors, there’s a new Gradebook in town. As Canvas moves toward a final version of the new Gradebook (AKA “Phase 2”), the original Gradebook and a new version are both available to you right now. You can even switch between them during this phase. Should you switch? How do you switch? Where’s the documentation? Watch the screencast below and keep reading for answers to these questions and more.

Instructure provided a quick overview of the new Gradebook in their release notes from 2017-11-18 (see 1:13-2:33). I’ve made my own screencast here with a little more information.


  • Canvas Sub-Admins can turn the feature on or off for your course. Contact CEETE in COE or find your instructional technologist here. Update: Instructors can now activate this feature themselves as of Jan 6, 2018.
  • As of October 28, the Grading History feature is unlimited for both Gradebook versions. Previously it displayed up to 2,000 grade changes.
  • Switching back and forth won’t be possible at the end of Phase 1. (This is Phase 0.5 or early Phase 1) Update: If you use the Missing and Late Policies feature, you cannot revert to the previous version. See Canvas Feature Screencast 2018-01-06 0:026-2:50. See also the Late Policies: Instructor FAQ.
  • As of this writing (Nov 28), turning off a filter does not clear that filter. For example, if you uncheck the Filter by Sections option and have a section chosen, that section remains displayed. To clear the filter, go back and select all sections. (Note: fix is now in beta, will go into production in mid-April)
  • The Sync to SIS button does not work and will likely be removed sometime soon. Continue to use the Faculty Center Grade Prep tool to complete final grading.
  • Assignment Details is the main option that’s missing from this new version. If being able to see the average on each assignment is important to you, you may want to wait on the switch.

Documentation: All Canvas Guides for the New Gradebook

Upcoming Features

(from the Canvas Community)

Phase 1 (In Progress)

  • Late and missing flags with automatic deduction policies Updated: this is now implemented in the January 2018 update.
  • Improved commenting
  • Instructor defines if grades post automatically or manually

Phase 2 (Future – “On Radar” – Summer 2018?)

  • Improved Grading Scheme selection on assignments
  • More total viewing options, replacing ‘Treat Ungraded As Zero’
  • Resizing of the total column in the gradebook
  • Total grade adjustment
  • ‘Message Students Who’ for gradebook totals
  • Turn off automatic calculation and manually enter totals
  • Add more notes columns in the gradebook and export all note columns
  • Add a couple points for all students on an assignment in bulk
  • Option to hide points and/or percentages from students
  • Grading Schemes export as they’re shown in gradebook
  • Updated search allows searching for students & assignments