Elizabeth Harris

Position title: Director, CEETE

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris is the CEETE Director.  Elizabeth has been part of the University of Wisconsin Madison’s College of Engineering since 2012.  She approaches Engineering Education through the lens of her cognitive and systems engineering expertise, in addition to her background in education and IT.  She particularly enjoys working to improve the effectiveness of institutions, and the experiences of students, faculty, and academic staff by addressing the holistic ecologies present around teaching and learning in Higher Education.  She does this by partnering to foster, create, and explore cultural and strategic interventions, in addition to practical.

University Service

  • Past Chair, Teaching and Learning with Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG, IT governance), 2016 – present
  • ASEC representative, Information Technology Committee (ITC), 2019 – present (Faculty Senate sub-committee)
  • IT Policy, Planning, and Analysis Team (PAT), 2019 – present
  • Co-Founder, Instructional Technology Group
  • College of Engineering Educational Innovation Committee (EIC), August 2016 – present (non-voting)
  • College of Engineering Academic Planning Council (APC), July 2017 – present
  • College of Engineering Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI), July 2017 – present
  • Campus IT Project Intake review committee, 2017 – present
  • Teaching Academy, Inducted 2017
  • Campus Planning Committee (CPC), 2020 – present
  • UW Madison Moodle Service Steering Committee, 2013 – 2019

Professional Service

  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), 2012 – present
    • Co-Founder, Faculty Development Division, 2014 – 2019
    • Past Chair, Faculty Development Division
    • UW Madison Campus Representative
  • POD Network (Faculty Development Organization), 2014 – present
    • Co-founder, STEM Special Interest Group, 2014 – 2016
    • Past Chair, STEM Special Interest Group
  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Engineering IT Centers (EITC), 2017 – present
  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Teaching and Learning Centers, 2019 – present