The Wonderful World of FeedbackFruits

With the decreasing cases of COVID-19 and our adjustment to a virtually-inclusive workspace, the world and our UW community is slowly shifting into a more comfortable routine. These changes have highlighted the importance of teamwork, of community, and of student-led solutions. This is where a new integrated College of Engineering tool steps in: FeedbackFruits.

What is Feedback Fruits?

FeedbackFruits (FbF) is a company based out of the Netherlands that makes a suite of educational tools. It is a Canvas-integrated tool that enables students to provide and receive specific feedback on their performance as group members. It also allows students and peers to evaluate and critique in-class presentations- as well as a host of other uses.

How do I use Feedback Fruits?

FbF can be toggled to fit a variety of use-cases. Anonymity can be enabled for specific assignments, students can provide self-assessments, and students can even rate the quality of the reviews they have received.

This tool is completely integrated within Canvas for College of Engineering. This means there is no associated fees, and setup is straightforward.

To get started with Feedback Fruits, you can follow this link to enroll:


(Note: We are still working on the Canvas page. If you have any suggestions/comments feel free to submit them either through the Suggestion Box in the Course menu, or access the form through this link:

We appreciate your feedback!)