Canvas Updates: Summer 2017 Edition

Canvas may look a little different if you’ve been away for a few months. Instructure releases an update every 3 weeks. Here are some of the highlights from this summer.

UI Changes

You’ll notice that some of the icons in Canvas have changed from solid to line icons. For example, the solid green clouds indicating that an item is published now are clouds with a green border and an arrow pointing up toward the cloud. Quizzes have little rocket ship icons. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but the functionality hasn’t changed. The default font size also increased from 14px to 16px to improve accessibility and text legibility.

Canvas Teacher App

Instructure released the Canvas Teacher app for iOS and Android. If you were using the SpeedGrader app, please install the new version.

Duplicate Pages and Assignments

Creating a course with similar structures throughout? You may be interested in these new Canvas Guides:
How do I duplicate a page in a course?
How do I duplicate an assignment?
(Note: Does not apply to quizzes or graded discussions)

DocViewer is the new Crocodoc

In Speedgrader, the Crocodoc tool has been replaced with Instructure’s own DocViewer product. DocViewer is still maturing, and updates are a priority for Instructure. Check the display of your slides and PDFs. In particular, it currently cannot display a combination of portrait and landscape pages within the same file. If you wish to disable the auto-inline preview, use these instructions.