Up and Running – FAQs for the First Week of Classes

Getting started in Canvas this semester?  You might have some of these Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I put my migrated course materials into the course shell with my student enrollments?

A: Export your migrated course.  After you’ve downloaded the Canvas Course Export Package (an .imscc file), open your regular course shell, and import your course, choosing the export package from your Downloads file.

Q: I have multiple sections of the same course.  Do I need to update material in all those different places?

A: Not necessarily.  You can cross-list one (or more) sections into another.  Then within your combined course, you can set different due dates for different sections.

Q: Can students see my course materials?

A: You must publish your course for enrolled students to see it.  On the Home page of your course, check whether the Course Status says Published or Unpublished.  Before publishing, you may want to use Student View to double-check what students can see.  (Note: Kaltura videos do not display in Student View, but they will display for real students just fine.)  You may want to set availability dates on your quizzes and/or assignments.  You may want to schedule file availability.  Setting those restrictions enables students to see that the assignments and files exist, with any corresponding due dates.  It prevents them from seeing the content of the assignments, files, and quizzes.

Q: How do I take attendance in Canvas?

A: If your course requires taking attendance, you may want to use the Roll Call Attendance Tool.  You don’t need to set up the dates in advance.  Simply take attendance on days that class meets.

Q: Can I clean up or customize my Dashboard?

A: You can set your courses to different colors and/or give them nicknames.  You can also display only certain courses.

Q: How do I set up extra time or extra attempts for students with accommodations?

A: Use the Moderate This Quiz tool that appears after you publish the quiz.  (Set availability dates on the quiz before you publish it.)