Elizabeth Harris, CEETE Director

Elizabeth Harris is the CEETE Director.  Elizabeth has been part of the University of Wisconsin Madison’s College of Engineering since 2012.  She approaches Engineering Education through the lens of her cognitive and systems engineering expertise, in addition to her background in education and IT.  She particularly enjoys working to improve the effectiveness of institutions, and the experiences of students, faculty, and academic staff by addressing the holistic ecologies present around teaching and learning in Higher Education.  She does this by partnering to foster, create, and explore cultural and strategic interventions, in addition to practical.

A photo of Erica J Hagen's smiling face, front on, on a carousel.

Erica J Hagen, Instructional Technology Consultant

Erica J. Hagen is passionate advocate for active learning in her role as an Instructional Technology Consultant in the College of Engineering. She nurtured twin loves in Engineering Education and Geological Engineering as a student at UW Madison (BS ‘09, MS ‘11) and cut her teeth on blended education while designing and implementing Soil Mechanics in 2011-2013. When she is not helping faculty and staff improve courses through pedagogically sound technology, she makes art, plays games, and enjoys all things speculative fiction with her spouse, Randi, and still manages to fit in long sessions of playing ball with her two German Shepherds.

Sara Hagen

Sara Hagen, Instructional Technology Consultant

Sara Hagen is an Instructional Technology Consultant with 16 years of experience in education and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction from UW-Madison (‘09). She is supporting the College’s transition to Canvas. Sara is a National Board Certified Teacher of Spanish with a long-standing interest in technology, assessment, and evaluation.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her family.



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