Web Conferencing Tools: Which should you use?

As we move forward with Instructional Continuity by providing learning materials at a distance, you may be struggling to choose a method to web conference with your students. You are not alone!  Learn@UW Madison put together this fabulous document outlining the 5 centrally supported web conferencing tools with links to more information about each of them.  Still not sure about which one is right for you? Contact CEETE at ceete@engr.wisc.edu.

During this stressful time, please try to stick with University supported tools as these tools have already been through contract negotiations with UW Madison or UW System, meaning they have been considered for data security and FERPA student data privacy. Tools like Zoom are not currently supported. If you do use an unsupported tool, you may be liable in the case of a data security breach or other legal action.

Take care and be well,

The CEETE Team

Read the full article at: https://kb.wisc.edu/45390