Assessment in Canvas

This page is specific to Canvas. Click here for a more general discussion of assessment practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assessment in Canvas


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Why should I mute assignments for grading?

Muting an assignment prevents notifications from being sent to students about their grade. You can make all the changes and comments you need to, and then un-mute the assignment for everyone to release grades at the same time.

How do I set up successful peer review?

Start by reading this overview and this blog post. Note that Canvas doesn’t enforce a due date for the reviews themselves, so clarify dates in your instructions. For large courses, complex systems, rubric integration, or intra-group review, please contact us at CEETE.

Is there an easier way to make rubrics?

Yes, the rubric importer is now available in our UW-Madison Canvas instance. Create your rubric in Excel or Google Sheets, and then paste it into Canvas. Please contact us at CEETE if you’d like assistance.

How do I edit my quiz questions?

When you edit a quiz, one of the tabs at the top is Questions. Note that when you are editing questions, there are 2 kinds of save button on the page. Click Update Question for each question. Then also click Save.